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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week Organised by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on inspiring the UK to improve mental health. According to the Office for National Statistics, the proportion of adults experiencing depression nearly doubled...

Small Business Start-up – Considering Insurance Needs

Considering Insurance Needs Starting a small business requires tireless effort and endless financial reserves. Besides dealing with necessary tasks to start the business - affording exorbitant start-up costs, establishing a customer base, forecasting cash flow...

Health and Safety Recap – Slips and Trips

Most slips occur when floors become wet or contaminated, and many trips are due to poor housekeeping. The solutions are often simple and cost-effective, and a basic assessment of the risks should help to identify what you can do to tackle slip and trip risks. What are...

Ergonomics Tips for Working From Home

Ergonomics is defined as the science of fitting a workspace to an individual’s needs. Ergonomics aims to increase efficiency while reducing discomfort and the likelihood of injury. Many factors of ergonomics may be severely lacking in a home environment. For example,...

Protecting Employees from Coronavirus

As global concerns about the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to rise, it’s important for employers like you to understand what you can do to protect your workforce. Review this guidance for an outline of what coronavirus is, how it spreads and key steps...

Hotel and lodging industry: how to safeguard your business against liability risks

We live in a compensation society. People today are aware of their rights and know how to claim or encouraged to claim by no win no fees lawyers. From guest houses and hotels to holiday parks and resorts, holiday accommodations are exposed to all kinds of risks that...

Business interruption insurance: would your business survive a catastrophe?

‘If you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t get the right answers’. When it comes to understanding a business and its risks this couldn’t be more accurate. As a commercial insurance broker, a big part of my job is about translating; it’s making sure I collect all...

5 tips to avoid a business insurance horror story this Halloween

Is your business insurance a trick or a treat? As a business owner, you probably know insurance and risk management should be top priority to ensure smooth operation of your company. However, insurance is a complex area and, as such, there are mistakes or oversights...

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