Our brokers do more than sell insurance.

They are professionally trained, highly motivated and want to know everything there is to know about your business.


Our brokers have the tools to help you succeed.

With the most advanced end to end commercial insurance platform we can build a comprehensive picture of all your risks (not just the insurable ones).


Our brokers put you in control.

We want you to be empowered to manage your risks, which is why we give you a personal login to our system, putting you in control and your mind at ease.


Meet your broker.
When you choose a Konsileo commercial broker, you choose a risk partner.
We take the time to understand your business, recommend a tailored insurance programme and provide risk management advice.
Our brokers know your company is unique.
We use cutting-edge technology to present your business risks to insurers and search the whole market for the best price and coverage.


Our professional commercial insurance brokers have the best tools in the market which makes them true risk advisors to their clients.

risk partnerKonsileo is comprised of a national team of professional brokers with a range of specialisms. By working with a Konsileo broker you will always have one continuous contact from the start – someone who cares about your business and how to protect it properly.

Our brokers use all of our tools to truly become your business’s risk advisor; you will experience a much higher frequency and depth of contact than you can get anywhere else. The same named person will deal with your account for the long-term, decades if you wish, as Konsileo rewards client service and nothing else.

To find a broker in your area, or who specialises in your industry, head over to our Broker Team page.

meet brokerUsing the proprietary Konsileo Fact Find process, our brokers will really get to know your business and advise on not only insurable risks, but also help with non-insurable risks.

They will capture your information using state of the art tech including industry data, photos and geo-location, to give the most comprehensive view of your business to underwriters.

Be the first to gain access to our client portal, launching in Winter 2019. Set up by your Konsileo broker, it will give you instant access to your risk data for you to view and share with colleagues in compliance with The Insurance Act 2015.

GO TO MARKETOur brokers will speak to a select panel insurers on your behalf based on your business risks and requirements, armed with the best quality risk submission that the underwriters will see from anyone in the market. Thanks to the way our brokers collect information about your business, this reduces the back-and-forth often experienced elsewhere, making the entire process more efficient for all parties.

During this process you will have complete transparency and your broker will keep you updated every step of the way. Your broker will advise you on the best cover for your business, clearly balancing cover, risk improvement requirements and cost considerations.

manage your insuranceOnce you are on cover with Konsileo, your broker will ensure you have all the information required to check documents and covers. You will always know how much you are paying, what you are paying for and when your cover runs out – one of our key values is transparency. You will also have the ability to make simple amendments online or via your broker (e.g. Mid-Term Adjustments) to ensure you are always properly protected.

manage riskYou and your colleagues will always have access to Riskube, our client portal. 

In addition to managing your insurances this will provide a series of additional apps to capture risk-based data about assets, vehicles, drivers and health & safety to provide authoritative data sources and to streamline your risk management processes.

With Riskube, you can easily setup a holistic risk management process and monitor it across your company. 

What the Press say about us

“Strong disruptive potential in the commercial insurance market”
“The up-and-coming insurtech has racked up some serious support”
“Simplifying the tech rabbit hole”