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All of our brokers are on hand to provide you with top quality advice on all things insurance and risk management related. Our brokers have a wide range of experience as well as access to a nationwide team of experts, meaning no query is too niche or too broad. Whilst we do offer filtered search by location, our brokers have cross-sector knowledge and experience so you can contact anyone. All our brokers can help protect your business, properly.

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Aaron Potts

Ajit Prajapati

Alan Horton

alison gilliver

Alison Gilliver

Amanda Gray

Andrew Badgery

Andy Price Haworth

Anthony Leathert

Antoinette Smith

Becky Wright

Ben Amos

Ben Ford

Ben Wainwright

carl fanning

Carl Fanning

Carly Rolfe

Catie Brooks

Catie Brooks

Chris Cotterill

Daniel Cotgrove

David Moffitt

David Sedgeley

David Sedgeley

Derek Bentley

Duncan Bennett

Graham Walker

Heather Coupland

Hemal Patel

Ian Gardiner

Jackilyn Jack

James Quaye

Jamie Colvin

Jay Sunderland

Jeremy French

John Cuthbert

Jordan Morris

Josh Bedford

Kamil Ahmed

Karan Singh

Katie Cooper

Kay Desai


Kenny Stibbles

Kieran McMahon

Kim Appleby-Jones

Kristina Frost

Kyler Sohal

Lee Downs

Lee Flowers

Leigh Williamson

Lewis Duggleby

Malini Gunawardena

Matt James

Michelle Eames

Michelle Markham

Nick Taylor-Ward

Nikki Shirran

Paul Turner

Purdip Kaur-Meer

Rick Wales

Robert Smith

Ryan Whybrow

Sally Williams

Sarah Steer

Sharon O’Leary

Simon Hunt

Simon Nightingale

Simon Shaw

Stefan Vircan

Stephen Appleby-Jones

Steve Marrs

Steven Brown

Stevie Little

Stuart Toon

Suzy Johnstone Smith

Tim Rogers

Tracy Lee


Vic Hughes

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