Annalie Sheils

Annalie Sheils

Client Director

Being a Client Director places me in the perfect position to provide excellent customer service with a high attention to detail. I am very inquisitive which enables me to identify cover issues as well as the ability to solve these in an efficient and pain-free manner, so my clients can go on running their business with peace of mind. I conduct my services with integrity, fairness, and transparency, striving to give expert advice on a range of sectors and industries. Having worked with major UK and Ireland brokers, I was exposed to a wide-range of complex practices and processes, from claims to compliance. It gave me an appreciation for how insurance works across all sectors and stages in addition to giving me insight on the best practices and how I can grow into the very best version of me. I embrace all learning opportunities and enjoy dealing with a multitude of clients which challenges and engages me in equal measure.  


I was drawn to Konsileo in 2018 and have now officially returned! I love the company’s philosophy and mentality – it really is what it says on the tin. For me, Teal is the future business tool, enabling you to be your best self through managing your own diary, negating corporate pressures, and taking care of yourself through wholeness.  


Outside of work, I have recently rediscovered my love of swimming, particularly open water. I am also DIY obsessed and volunteer for Macmillan East Midlands, offering community support for people affected by cancer.  

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