Barry Herron

Barry Herron

Client Director

As an ‘old-fashioned’ broker, I prioritise honest relationships with my clients as this allows me to truly understand their needs both individually and as a business. I specialise in surgery and healthcare, which encompasses businesses such as dental practices, health centres, and aesthetic groups. Due to the specificity of the sector, it is of high importance that I meet in-person with all my clients in order to create the most effective, all-encompassing risk management plan. Having always been in customer-facing roles for all my working life, I appreciate the utmost importance of clear communication as well as how to deliver high-quality service.  


 Konsileo gives me all the tools I need to have a business within a business. I have full autonomy over my book and how I conduct my services, allowing me essential time with all my clients. I, as well as my colleagues, truly believe in the ethos of the company, creating a well-connected and friendly network in which we feel supported and trusted.  


When I’m not working, I’m always looking after my family, whether it be cooking or ferrying kids to their activities! 

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