Callum Marshall

Callum Marshall

Client Director

My role as Client Director is all about providing top tier customer service as, first and foremost, I am working on behalf of the client who is entrusting me with their business. Since joining the insurance industry, I have realised how much I enjoy the process of helping clients arrange their insurance needs and protecting their businesses. Being a broker means having a wider impact by providing more service and advice and having worked within the motor sector since the beginning of my career, I have a great knowledge base which I can draw from. I have refined my product knowledge significantly over the years, as well as improving my negotiation skills which allow me to get the very best deal for my clients without compromising their business.

Konsileo allows for collaboration between self-managed and self-motivated people, creating a cohesive unit with a shared goal. We all retain our autonomy, too, so it makes an incredibly productive and supportive environment that enables me to do the job I need to do to the best of my abilities.

Outside of work, I enjoy socialising with friends, meeting new people, and going for long walks. You can also find me listening to podcasts and cooking.

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