Daniel Cotgrove

Daniel Cotgrove

Client Director

Over the last 12 years in the insurance industry, I have learnt the importance of client relationships, which is why I greatly value clear and regular communication with all my clients. pride myself on developing fantastic client and business relationships, which ultimately allow me to offer tailored risk and business advice, ensuring clients are always fully protected. I specialise in construction, fleet, car hire, and commercial combined; in my previous role I created the property department so I appreciate the complexities that are associated with the sector.

I have been at Konsileo since the very beginning; the concept was incredibly interesting and unique, and I have had the privilege of helping set-up the company, finding agencies and putting things in place. Watching it grow and develop into the teal, forward-thinking company it is today is incredibly rewarding.

Outside of work, I enjoy developing mini aquariums and fish tanks for my home, and spending time with my family.

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