David Sedgley

David Sedgeley

Client Director

My 20 years of working in the industry means that I truly understand client experiences, and how to find the right solutions to help protect their businesses. Previous roles means that I have experience across the board, and if I encounter a specialist need, I am able to refer them to the right people. Living on a small island means that there is an eclectic mix of businesses and so I am exposed to a multitude of requirements. Working for a variety of businesses myself means I appreciate the intricate processes that are required to run a successful business, as well as understanding the importance of quality and not just quantity.

I joined Konsileo back in April 2020 in order to regain the work/life balance. I wanted the opportunity to build a strong and long-lasting client base, in addition to the ability to focus on local island businesses. Effective and efficient communication is at the core of broking, and Konsileo’s self-management system means that I am always able to enact this.

In my spare time, I am not only a regular petanque player, but I am also looking after my family and going on holidays and cruises.

Blog posts I've written: