Graham Wedgbury

ACII Chartered Insurance Broker - Client Director

After spending nearly 40 years in the industry, my passion for looking after clients’ insurance needs has only grown. My main areas of expertise lies with construction, cyber liability, and marine cargo – though I am not limited to any. I enjoy the challenges these sectors bring, as it gives me the space to be creative in my problem-solving. My previous experience in owning my own business, along with working for a wide range of companies, means I appreciate the nitty gritty aspects of business actions and activities. My ACII qualification has given me the technical expertise and ability to look and think ahead, alongside the opportunity to continually develop as a professional.

I was drawn to Konsileo because it catered to my needs as a broker, including the fact there are lots of people with lots of experience which means I am always learning in addition to offering advice to other brokers. Furthermore, the support network ensures that I am always able to fulfil client needs, regardless of its specificity.

Having interests outside of work is essential, with one of mine being a passion for woodworking. I have also been the chair of governors for the past seven years which has kept me busy and connected.