Jackilyn Jack

Jackilyn Jack

Cert CII Client Director

Having been in the insurance industry for around 15 years, I am passionate about protecting my clients business. My role as client director allows me to be the touch point between clients and the insurance industry, guiding them through the process and ultimately ensuring their risks are covered. My previous experience in a local office gave me opportunities for frequent personal contact with the clients, which sparked my passion for excellent customer service. Being available 24/7 and building strong, long-lasting client relationships is, for me, integral to the process. I am able to place risks in most industries given my general insurance background, however I do tend to specialise in agriculture, retail, and property owners.

The self-management structure at Konsileo gives a sense of trust and maturity that is rarely found in the corporate world! The support network available creates a great learning environment, as there is no fear of being unsure and you know that there will always be someone who has an answer.

Outside of broking, I’m usually looking after my seven year old, going on walks, participating in boot camps and other fitness programmes, or cooking.

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