Jeremy French

Client Director

Having over ten years of experience in insurance, I am most at home in the fast-paced environment of the media and entertainment sector. I understand the importance of being quickly adaptable and the need to make fast, informed decisions due to the sector’s ever-changing nature. Due to my prior experience working in more corporate environments, I have experience with other diverse sectors including, but not limited to, professional indemnity, motor fleet, and even cyber liability. All this together allows me to provide the highest quality of service to clients, as well as giving the best advice possible that is tailored to each client’s specific needs.

I was planning on leaving insurance before Konsileo, but since joining it has re-ignited my passion and reminded me why I enjoy working with and supporting people in their aspirations. The community’s wide range of specialisms also provides me with the opportunity to explore new specialisms and continue to expand my knowledge so I can keep growing as a broker.

Outside of broking, I have a passion for travelling and going to gigs. I would also consider myself a film buff, and have an interest in crypto currency.