Karan Singh

Karan Singh

Client Director

Though relatively new to the broking world, I am incredibly eager to gain more experience and knowledge. I am striving to learn things, add value, and make my own name within the industry. I welcome any commercial business, with the aim to understand and appreciate each sector in order to carry the knowledge throughout my career. My top priority is treating the customers fairly, and knowing the markets which will provide them with the best cover possible. With all of my previous roles being centred around customer service and satisfaction, I enjoy building strong and honest relationships with my clients.

Konsileo allows me to focus on the career itself, giving me the room to grow and challenge myself. The freedom to both manage your own time and learn off everyone within the company, including those with more experience, is energising and supports me as I progress in my career.

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising, venturing out, and supporting my team Leicester City!

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