Kay Desai

Client Director

At Konsileo, I am the internal introducer and prospector with the title Client Director. I offer my services to others to help reduce their stress levels and win new business by opening doors. I don’t specialise in a singular sector, but do have plentiful experience with recruitment,accountants architects, IFAs, brokers, and construction. Honest communication is absolutely essential in my role and I pride myself on effectiveness and reliability, as well as an understanding of my own boundaries. I have always been in finance and have had an interest in insurance; I find it fascinating to figure out what the different sectors need and how my role fits in. Self-learning is an absolute must for me and I greatly value building knowledge in order to help support my colleagues.  


Teal is all about bringing out the best in people and understanding everyone’s needs. We are not working for someone, but in collaboration. We work together to develop skills and knowledge, always looking out for each other and offering help when needed. I can see where I want to be in a years time and can work towards that goal independently and with the support of colleagues.  


Outside of work, I highly value spending time with my family and making memories. I thoroughly enjoy travelling or going to the films.  

Blog posts I've written: