Lee Downs

Lee Downs

Client Director DIP CII

My goal as Client Director is to help protect businesses against the risks they can’t eliminate and provide tailored risk management advice. I specialise in Technology risks, including  

Web3, Crypto and Metaverse with expertise in global placement and insurance related legislative and contractual requirements. The Tech industry is still relatively new, resulting in a constant emerging of new risks that are unique to the sector. I appreciate the rapidity of the industry and am always keen to learn more about the ever-evolving risk management side of Digital Tech. Innovation is a key driver of the industry and keeps me motivated and inspired. My previous experience has taught me the importance of having deep technical knowledge and detailed understanding of the insurance journey in this field; I have an appreciation for each step and the skills required for the successful protection of my clients’ businesses. 


The decentralisation of Konsileo gives me increased autonomy in how I run my book which is incredibly important in the fast-paced tech sector that requires quick decision making. This also enhances transparency and ownership, both of which are imperative for me to prioritise for my clients.  


Outside of work, I like spending time with family and friends, being outdoors and when I have the time playing a round of golf. 

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