Nick TW

Nick Taylor-Ward

ACII Chartered Insurance Broker - Client Director

My 30 years of experience have allowed me to fine-tune the process of designing unique insurance solutions for every client. Not only this, but I am able to provide high quality risk mitigation advice so my clients are able to have that added level of security. My ACII qualification gave me strong foundations in all things insurance, which means that I can appreciate the complexity and enjoy the challenge of working with an eclectic mix of business environments. Working with a wide range of brokers from small high streets to the largest in the world taught me about what makes a good and a bad broker, giving me the ability to become the best broker I can be.

After working at the largest insurance broker, joining Konsileo in 2019 gave me the freedom to provide a holistic and conscientious approach to clients that wasn’t possible in my previous roles. In addition, the wide agency base that is available to me means I am always able to find a solution regardless of requirements.

Outside of work, you can find me mountain biking, exploring, and looking after my family.

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