Paul Clarke

Philip Masters

Client Director

As an account handler, my role revolves around providing excellent service and being the main point of contact for clients. I pride myself on being available and reliable, always striving to give clients peace of mind. I specialize mainly in construction, heating, ventilation, and renewable energy, all of which I have had plenty of experience dealing with in previous roles.  I thoroughly enjoy problem-solving and am not afraid of tackling a problem head-on. I appreciate surrounding myself with people who are more knowledgeable as it allows me to constantly pick up experience and advice, an invaluable resource in this industry. I have a CII qualification which has aided my technical knowledge and so I appreciate the complexities associated with policies.  


At Konsileo, the Teal organisational structure places management with its people, meaning I am trusted to self-manage my own work and to operate in the way that best suits me. I enjoy working from home as it gives me much more flexibility in my day-to-day life, keeping work and life in balance.  


When I’m not working, I enjoy going to gigs and playing snooker. I go on walks daily and am currently learning the keyboard.

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