Sarah Steer

Sarah Steer

Client Director

I’ve been in the insurance industry for just over ten years and my top priority is making sure that clients receive the best service possible. My main focus is property/property management and putting together schemes for legal protection, however I also specialise in motor trade and fleet, as well as general commercial. I am passionate about building strong relationships with my clients and helping them through every step of the process, ensuring they receive top quality advice throughout. I appreciate the fact that every client has individual and specific needs for their business, and I enjoy the challenge of making sure that all eventualities are covered.

Konsileo’s self-management style gives me total control of my business, allowing me to explore different sectors that I may not have been able to access previously. Our community of brokers are always available to offer help and support which allows me to continue to expand my knowledge with confidence.

When I’m not working, I’m redecorating my house and doing DIY or cooking and baking! I also have dogs, which means I spend a lot of time dog walking as well.

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