Shannen Hanley

Shannen Hanley

Cert CII Client Director

Since joining the insurance industry, I have found great satisfaction in building relationships with clients and looking after their business. I strive to understand a clients needs and hope they feel valued throughout; I am conscious of how stressful the insurance process can be and want to make it as easy as possible for my clients. I have worked with a variety of sectors which has exposed me to a wide range of challenges, providing me with the knowledge and skills necessary tohelp clients find the right insurance solution. I am particularly engaged with Financial Lines, bringing professional challenges that aid my growth as a broker. I embrace expanding my knowledge and find satisfaction in learning about new trades and products, ultimately allowing me to provide better, up-to-date cover for my clients.  


Joining Konsileo is one of the best career decisions, both in general and specifically within the insurance industry! Having been in unhealthy competitive environments, Konsileo allows me to have boundaries and embrace weaknesses as there are people around to support me in my professional development.  


Outside of work, I’m usually spending time with family, reading, or enjoying the outdoors. 

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