Stefan Vircan

Stefan Vircan

Client Director

As a Client Director, my role centres around recognising and understanding my clients needs. This is particularly imperative in the Private Medical Insurance (PMI) world as it is an incredibly personal sector, with individual medical issues requiring tailored solutions that protect clients. Healthcare itself is home to many complexities that are unique to the sector, and having specialised in PMI for five years I am able to recognise and deal with them effectively. I prioritise building professional, honest relationships with clients and insurers as not only does this allow for great communication, but it also allows me to provide the best risk management advice possible. My previous experience has taught me the importance of exceeding client expectations in addition to the benefits of networking and spending time developing relationships with people. 


The freedom and emphasis on individual work within Konsileo allows me to manage my own time and workload, ultimately giving my clients a more personal broking experience. Everyone is excited about the Teal culture and what it stands for, creating a great company-wide atmosphere. 


Outside of work I love spending time with my family, as well as playing basketball and video games. I also thoroughly enjoy travelling and socialising with friends.

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