Vijay Jogia

Vijay Jogia

Client Director

Having spent the last 27 years in banking, the move to Trade Credit Insurance felt natural. The professional skills I have developed and refined means I am excellent at spotting gaps and aiding clients with their Credit Insurance requirements. I pride myself on exceptional customer service, placing my clients at the heart of everything I do. My experience has allowed me to build strong, longstanding relationships with colleagues, clients, and key business introducers through honesty, integrity, and clear communication. My role as Vice President of Solihull Chamber of Commerce has enabled me to play a major part in supporting individuals, businesses, and community organisations by understanding their requirements and connecting them to the right people.  


The Teal culture of Konsileo was key to my joining, especially coming from a corporate culture. Konsileo encourages individual success through autonomy, placing me in a great position to support my clients and develop as a broker.  


I am a social butterfly, so outside of work you can usually find me playing sports – football and pool in particular – or playing my part in the Solihull Chamber of Commerce. 

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