5 Areas That Require Every Business Owner’s Attention

5 Areas That Require Every Business Owner’s Attention

5 Areas That Require Every Business Owner’s Attention in order to safeguard their business’s future. It’s easy to go about your day-to-day not considering what could happen, should an illness, unexpected interruption, or dilemma pop up. We all do it. However, if you’re a business owner, it’s vital that you are covered for the unexpected. […]

Trade Credit Insurance Vs Bad Debt Protection 

Bad debt protection

Is the risk of your new customer defaulting on payment terms keeping you awake at night?  Perhaps you have received your biggest order ever from an existing customer, but you are nervous about that level of exposure? Maybe you have considered Trade Credit Insurance or Bad Debt Protection with your bank/funder and are unsure which […]

Could Your Customers Put You Out Of Business?

A shocking 25% of bankruptcies are attributed to unpaid invoices. Unpaid invoices have a negative impact on cash flow which can interrupt the day-to-day general operations. Outstanding revenue is enormous – that revenue could be working for you. Do you know who your high-risk customers are?  If only you had a crystal ball.   What […]

Cyber-Risks and Liabilities: Spotting Phising Attacks

Spotting and Reporting Phising Attacks A phishing incident is a type of social engineering attack that involves a cyber-criminal using scam emails, text messages or phone calls to deceive a victim. Phishing attacks exploit people, aiming to trick individuals into doing the wrong thing, such as clicking a suspicious link that downloads malware or steals […]

Trade Credit Insurance – Any Sale Carries Risk

Trade Credit Any Sale Carries Risk

With every sale, there is a chance the buyer will not pay and non-payment can be damaging, or even catastrophic, to a seller. One or two bad debts can wipe out profits for the year.  The unexpected can happen.  Want to mitigate this risk? How do companies manage bad debt risk?  Self-insurance  Companies earmark cash […]

The Business Risks of Climate Change

Over the last decade, climate change has become a rising concern for businesses and their respective communities, evidenced by increasingly severe natural disaster trends and a growing sense of urgency found within climate reports. According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, business leaders across the globe currently consider climate change to be one of […]

Retail Risk Insights – Protect Your Online Retail Network

Online retailers have been experiencing huge growth in recent years, making them increasingly attractive targets for major cyber-attacks. Understanding cyber-security risks and protecting your network is crucial to keeping your online company in business.   Hackers and Hacktivists  Do you think hackers only target big brand retail websites? Think again. Hackers have begun to realise […]

Cyber Risks and Liabilities

A Rising Threat – Malvertising Malvertising—or malicious advertising—is a relatively new cyber-attack technique. The term comes from a combination of ‘malware’ and ‘advertising’. Cyber-criminals embed malware into the advertisements (ads) of well-known online publications. Trusting these legitimate sites, internet users load the webpage or click on the ad, allowing malware to be downloaded onto their […]

Cyber Risks – Penetration Testing Explained

Penetration Testing Explained Keeping workplace technology up and running is vital to any organisation’s success. While this task seems feasible, it’s growing harder and harder each year as cyber-criminals expand their reach. It’s not enough to simply protect workplace technology with software and security protocols – it’s also critical for your organisation to test the […]

Risk Insights – Employer Guidance for Self-Isolation

As employees return to the physical workplace, both organisations and their workers must realise that the coronavirus pandemic still presents a danger. COVID-19 remains a major health threat that can spread quickly among colleagues. With that in mind, it’s necessary for employers to stay up to date on self-isolation practices and processes to ensure that […]