Our construction experts specialise in managing insurance protection for builders, operators and contractors across several industries, from house builders and project managers to scaffolding and roofing contractors and joinery manufacturers.

Thanks to their extensive experience in construction insurance, they can identify all exposures of your business or project, propose adequate insurance solutions and advise on complex risks.

Our brokers also have access to specialist construction underwriters being able to negotiate competitive insurance designed especially for your sector. This way, they can offer bespoke cover that protects your business properly.

    Why You Need an Expert

    Construction can involve complex processes and special risks and it’s often hard to find a cover that meets all of your needs. 

    From project structuring and conception to construction and execution, our construction specialists understand your business risks thoroughly from years of working with a great variety of construction projects, and can support you throughout the project life-cycle.

    Daniel Cotgrove

    Daniel Cotgrove

    Construction Specialist

    How We Can Help

    Proper risk management and adequate insurance can guarantee the success of your business. Benefit from a specialist advisor by your side to guide you through your risk assessment and management, design an adequate insurance programme for your exact needs, and handle any insurance claims should an incident take place.

    Risk Management

    Our specialists work closely with you to understand all your exposures and advise you on the appropriate measures. Predicting any risks and safeguarding against them is top priority for the success of your construction project.

    Specialist Insurance Policies

    Our brokers have access to specialist construction insurance programmes and can design a policy that covers all nuances of your construction business. Protect your income no matter what comes your way, from natural hazards to mechanical breakdowns and supply chain issues.

    Claims Handling

    In the case of an incident, your dedicated broker will offer support throughout the claims process and make sure you get what you are entitled to. Your dedicated broker will ensure optimal outcomes to put you back in operation as soon as possible, while keeping you up-to-date on all stages of the claims process.

    What Your Cover Can Include

     Our expert construction brokers can offer policies including: 

    • Material Damage Insurance
    • Theft Insurance
    • Business Interruption Insurance
    • Money Insurance
    • Credit Insurance
    • Marine Transit Insurance
    • Stock Throughput Insurance
    • Employers Liability Insurance
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Product Recall Insurance
    • Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance
    • Management Liability Insurance
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Health & Wellbeing Support Plan

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    Meet the Experts

    Daniel Cotgrove

    Daniel Cotgrove

    Construction Specialist

    Stuart Williams

    Stuart Williams

    Engineering Specialist