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Tips for Hiring Construction Workers 

Construction workers require an excellent understanding of health, safety and building regulations and must work well on a team. As such, finding worthy candidates isn’t always easy. In fact, 83% of construction companies are having significant issues recruiting new staff, according to the British Chambers of Commerce. This could be the result of issues in the wider labour market, where jobs are plentiful but talent is scarce. Although it’s possible to find talented employees, construction companies may need to adopt a targeted recruitment strategy. Consider these tips for hiring construction workers:


  • Improve the company image. A well-designed website, professionally written job postings and strong social media presence all contribute to how candidates perceive a company. Consider posting employee profiles or success stories online to further boost the company image.


  • Write a good job advertisement. Skilled professionals may prioritise roles where they can apply any acquired specialised training. Therefore, avoid using generic language and make job postings both specific and transparent (eg outline any physical labour and overtime requirements). Moreover, with the physical demands of the job, construction workers might value particular company benefits, such as health and mental well-being support. Clearly state such company offerings within job advertisements.


  • Post on effective job platforms. To be competitive in hiring, use as many hiring platforms as possible. While generic job listing sites—such as Indeed and Monster—reach a wider market, specialist construction-specific job platforms can attract a more focused audience.


  • Use referrals. According to research by recruitment company Indeed, referred candidates stay in their jobs longer than traditional hires. Consider implementing a referral programme where existing employees who refer talented workers receive a reward should their referral be hired.


  • Offer apprenticeships. Your best construction workers may not have found the industry yet. Consider training recent graduates through an apprenticeship programme. Partnering with local schools and other companies may help facilitate this.

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