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Protecting Your Motor Trade Business with Comprehensive Insurance

Welcome to Konsileo, the premier chartered commercial insurance brokers specialising in insurance solutions for the motor trade industry. With over 40.3 million vehicles on UK roads, the motor trade sector plays a vital role in keeping the country connected and mobile. From valet parking to breakdown recovery firms, a wide range of businesses fall under the umbrella of motor trade. It is essential to have comprehensive insurance cover to protect against the unique risks faced by businesses in this industry.

Understanding the Motor Trade Industry

The motor trade industry is a driving force behind the UK economy, employing over a million people and encompassing approximately 3,500 enterprises involved in motor vehicle manufacturing. Cars, vans, and taxis account for 80% of all trips’ mileage in the UK, with over 65% of goods being delivered by road. Motor trade insurance provides cover for road risks, liability, and sales and service indemnity. Fleet insurance is designed for those with 5+ vehicles, while mini fleet covers businesses with 1-4 vehicles. The maximum length of vehicles covered varies by provider, and our specialists can provide further guidance on the available options.

Growth and Future Trends in the Motor Trade Sector

The motor trade industry is ever-growing, with a forecast of 40,000 new jobs by 2030. In 2020, the sector attracted net capital investment of around £3.3 billion, contributing to its continuous expansion. The market is witnessing a rising demand for renewable cars, with battery electric and hybrid vehicles experiencing increased production. Hybrid cars accounted for 15% of total production in 2020, compared to less than 5% in 2017. Furthermore, one-fifth of UK-built new cars now offer alternative fuel options, reflecting the importance of climate-friendly alternatives in today’s market.

The UK’s Global Automotive Manufacturing Presence

The UK holds a prominent position in global automotive manufacturing, demonstrated by the sub-sector’s £78.9 billion turnover in 2020. In 2019, the industry exported vehicles to more than 150 countries worldwide, with exports totalling £42.4 billion, contributing to around 13% of the total UK exports. Despite setbacks, such as those caused by the pandemic, the industry has shown resilience, with a significant increase of 934.3% in car production in May 2021 compared to May 2020. This exemplifies the industry’s ability to recover and adapt to changing circumstances.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for the Motor Trade Industry

At Konsileo, we understand the unique risks faced by businesses in the motor trade industry. Our expert brokers work closely with you to assess your specific needs and develop tailored insurance solutions. As independent brokers, we have access to a wide network of insurance providers, allowing us to secure competitive quotes that offer comprehensive cover. With Konsileo, you receive expert advice, transparent risk management, and customised insurance solutions to protect your motor trade business effectively.

Streamlined Insurance Management with Konsileo

Managing your insurance policies is made simple with our online insurance platform and dashboard. Our user-friendly platform allows you to access and manage your policies, track claims, and access key documents seamlessly. With Konsileo, you have a centralised hub for all your insurance needs, ensuring efficient insurance management and peace of mind. Choose Konsileo for Your Motor Trade Insurance Needs

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