Join our team of experienced brokers and help us revolutionise insurance and risk management for small and medium-sized businesses. Work with us to develop and grow your client base and business within a collaborative team of like-minded peers. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss, whilst still receiving all the support you need to achieve success.

What Support Will Konsileo Offer Me?

Build a personal marketing plan with your goals in mind

Give you access to a wide range of insurers

Back office & compliance support via the platform

Our Promise...

Throughout your journey as a Konsileo broker, we will offer you the opportunity to grow as an individual and within a team of like-minded peers. We will also provide you with the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss, whilst still providing the support needed to be the best broker you can be.

Your Committment...

In return, all we ask is that you:
1. Remain dedicated and committed to Konsileo and your clients;
2. Stay transparent and honest;
3. Keep the promises you make to clients, to peers and to yourself.

Konsileo Technology

Our Konsileo platform has been developed to eliminate the challenges caused by existing technology, and empowers brokers as advisory partners to their clients. One central platform to hold all client data, create huge efficiencies and reduce time spent on administration by half, enabling our brokers to spend more time doing what they do best – building trusted relationships with their clients.

fact findCollates client risk information with 3rd party data integration.

  • Gathers data in a client-centric way with no product jargon
  • Uses 3rd party data to enhance risk submissions to insurers
  • Enables better cross and upsell for brokers and better risk management for clients
Boosts broker efficiency by reducing the admin workload by up to 60%.

  • End-to-end workflow built into the platform; increasing efficiency, and reducing admin tasks
  • Automated document production for clients and insurers
  • Full integration of email inbox into platform
  • Risk register always up to date, renewal prep at the touch of a button
  • Compliance by design

Our client portal Riskube gathers, organises and offers services based on risk data.

  • Transparency to and from client management and underwriters, offering peace of mind for clients that their business is properly protected
  • Understand and manage policies, as expected, plus offer additional apps for risk management
  • Easily set up big company risk management processes in SME’s
Systems to help run a highly collaborative organisation without bosses – organising remuneration, KPIs, community and collaboration.

  • Complete transparency on personal, real-time P&L
  • No line management – but mentors to help boost accountability of individuals
  • Adult-to-adult collaboration and clear revenue sharing model with other Konsileo brokers

Join Konsileo as a commercial insurance broker and become the best broker you can be. You can find out more by contacting our Head of HR, Prina Mashru.