Konsileo Academy Launches to Expand Peer-to-Peer Learning 

Konsileo Academy

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Konsileo Academy Launches to Expand Peer-to-Peer Learning 

Chartered insurance broker Konsileo has launched Konsileo Academy as it builds on its promise to have the happiest, best rewarded and most professional brokers in the industry. 

The content will be organised into four pillars: insurance knowledge, business development, compliance, and operational and personal effectiveness. 

Online learning will be hosted on a platform supported by Zing365, with Konsileo’s proprietary courses, insurer content and third-party CII accredited e-learning modules available on demand.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Konsileo Academy will additionally facilitate peer-to-peer learning of practical skills through three-month mentorship programmes led by a Konsileo broker with expertise in a specific area, such as business development and digital lead generation.

Konsileo Academy is aligned with Konsileo’s non-hierarchical structure. Every Konsileo broker has coach, and none have a line manager. As peers, brokers take the initiative on when and how to team up on client work, for instance bringing in a specialist in a certain product line, or account handling support, and agree how to split commission between them through Konsileo’s VTC (virtual team contracting) platform.

Leading the way

Allan Rhodes, head of organisational development, said: “We observed that a lot of brokers within the community were reaching out to others for advice. Konsileo Academy will give a structure and rhythm to these interactions. It formalises and accelerates the exchange of learning that is already happening within the organisation.

“What this isn’t is a tick-box exercise for meeting annual CPD requirements by sitting passively through training courses. We invite brokers to take the lead on their own learning journeys by defining and clarifying the challenges they’re facing, and the opportunities they want to take advantage of.

“In turn, we know that an organisation that embraces constant learning will become stronger, which helps Konsileo deliver on its promise to clients to protect their business properly.”

Launched in 2017, Konsileo has grown to be a £50 million GWP broker with more than 150 employees.

About Konsileo

Konsileo is an FCA authorised and chartered insurance broker built around efficiency, professionalism, collaboration and client service. Founded in 2017 it has grown to employ over 150 people in hubs across the UK.

Co-founder and CEO John Warburton has over 20 years’ international insurance and consulting experience at Aviva, Accenture and Allianz where he was responsible for global marketing strategy and digital initiatives. John has been a council Member of InsurTech UK since 2018.

Co-founder and CTO Peter Henderson is a technologist and pioneer of web digitisation in the 1990s who then founded his own enterprise software firm and subsequently became CTO of a mental health start-up.

Konsileo was named Best Insurance Employer (SME) in the 2020, 2022 and 2023 British Insurance Awards.

It completed a £4.7 million Series A funding round in July 2022.

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