Konsileo Growth Continues with Latest Hires

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Commercial brokerage Konsileo has hired two client directors in its latest cohort as part of its ongoing national expansion programme.  

Konsileo has doubled in size in the last year and is now a £20 million GWP broker with fast growth continuing. The latest hires include: 


  • Becky Wright has joined from NFU Mutual. She will continue to focus on agricultural and allied industries, manufacturing, wholesaling, engineering and hospitality clients from her base in Darlington and across the North East.   


  • Ben Ford has joined from March Commercial. Ben specialises in small to medium sized companies, construction and retail clients, including warehouses and suppliers, shops and other property. His appointment will bring the Northants Hub to 10 brokers.  


  • In addition, Konsileo has hired Allan Rhodes as head of Organisational Development to support its growth as a self-managing organisation. 


Co-founder and CEO John Warburtons says: “Our business strategy is centred on having the happiest, best rewarded and most professional brokers in the industry. We do that by facilitating close colleague collaboration, a generous compensation and central support model. Our own platform encourages connection, enables peer mentoring, cuts admin time and builds in compliance. We support great brokers to do a great job, and we know that ultimately happier brokers make happier clients.” 


“I’m delighted that Becky, Ben, and Allan have chosen Konsileo to continue their careers with freedom and flexibility.” 


Becky Wright commented: “After 20 years working directly for an insurer, I wanted the challenge of working on the broker side, building a book and making a personal difference to clients. I was attracted to Konsileo because they’re a whole of market broker, client focussed, and flexible. I’ve got a young son and being able to plan my hours around him was really attractive to me.” 


Ben Ford added: “Through the years of working with several different brokers, I have experienced times where you can feel quite restricted about how you go about your broking for your clients. When I was approached about Konsileo I was intrigued. I really value working independently and leaning into my skills and experience. I’m genuinely looking forward to a new way of working that suits my style and personality.” 


Earlier this month Konsileo achieved Chartered status from the Chartered Insurance Institute.  It has doubled in the last 12 months and is now a £20 million GWP broker.


To find out more about joining Konsileo, click here or contact Chris Sulman at chris.sulman@konsileo.com or 07898210760.

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