Konsileo helps gym business go 24/7  

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Konsileo helps gym business go 24/7  

I paid less money for more cover, secured a refund, got an outstanding claim sorted out, and boosted my business – all thanks to switching my insurance to Konsileo.” 

When Melissa Kilkey, Director of Zest Health and Fitness in Sudbury, Suffolk, wanted to make her gym 24/7 access, she found her insurer couldn’t help. On top of an ongoing issue with a major claim, she knew it was time for a change.   

Melissa says “I’m a single mum, an on-call fire fighter, and a business owner. I really don’t have time to be sitting on the phone for hours chasing quotes – or chasing claims.  

“At the gym we’d already spent one summer without air conditioning and most of one winter without heating. We’d had all of our external air con units ripped off the side of the building causing nearly £20,000 worth of damage – money I don’t just have lying around. But there was delay after delay processing the claim.  

Building the business 

“We’re lucky our members stuck with us, and we were still trying to evolve the gym for them, including introducing 24/7 access. The idea is people can pick and choose when to fit in their workouts, without a member of staff needing to be on site. But when I asked my insurer about it, it was a flat-out no. They just couldn’t help me.” 

Melissa was frustrated, because she knew other gyms up and down the country were doing remote access, so finding insurance had to be possible. She spoke to a gym-owning friend, who suggested Konsileo, and broker Carl Fanning. And when she got back to Zest, she found a flyer from Carl through the door.   

“Clearly it was meant to be!” says Melissa. “I called Carl and explained the issues we were having, and he said he could help. It turned out he really meant it. Within the space of a couple of weeks he’d taken over and fast-tracked the outstanding claim – which suddenly got sorted. After months and months of chasing for information, it was amazing!  

“He also sorted us out our 24/7 cover, for less than I was paying before – and we even got a refund on some of the payments we’d made to the old insurer. He was a full-on life saver for us. And the service we get from Konsileo has continued to be incredible.  

Personal service 

 “With my last insurer, my only way to contact them was by phone, and every time I called I talked to a different person. No conversation was ever logged on the system, so each time I was starting from scratch. It was just a nightmare. With Carl it’s a quick call or What’s App message, and he’s straight in touch and straight on the ball. He’s great at his job, and working with Konsileo has really restored my trust in insurance.” 

Since going 24/7 the gym has grown to nearly 800 members, who can now access the facilities out of hours with their own personal code. The door and gym itself is also remotely monitored for safety purposes.  

 “I’m incredibly grateful to Carl and Konsileo,” adds Melissa. “Not only have they saved us money, but they’ve actually pushed our profits, too. Being able to go 24/7 has helped us gain an extra 200 members. That kind of flexibility is a real unique selling point around here – and has given us an edge over our competitors.   

“It’s also given me more flexibility. Now if a staff member calls in sick last minute I don’t have to drop everything or shut the gym – I can lock the doors, call the remote monitoring company to make sure they’re covering things, and get on with my fire-fighting shift.  

“I’d 100% recommend Konsileo to other people. If you’re looking for someone who actually cares about your business and respects your time – or for insurance that actually works like it’s supposed to – you should definitely get in touch.” 

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