Our brokers have years of experience in the renewable energy industry, which enables them to identify all exposures of your project, propose adequate insurance solutions and advise on complex risks. Benefit from our access to specialist insurers which makes us able to negotiate competitive insurance designed especially for your sector. This way, we can offer bespoke cover that protects your business from conception to operation.

Our Specialist Renewable Energy Sectors

  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Farms
  • Ground-Coupled Heat Pumps (GCHP)
  • Wave & Tidal
  • Biomass
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD)
  • Green Deal Contractors
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP)
Joseph Betts

Joseph Betts

Renewable Energy Specialist

Why You Need a Renewable Energy Expert

The renewable energy industry can be a complex area.

Energy projects have their own particularities and it’s often hard to find a cover that meets your particular needs. From design to construction and monitoring, and from natural hazards to mechanical breakdowns and supply chain issues, our specialists understand your business risks thanks to working with projects similar to yours and seeing the risks first hand.

If you are planning to start a renewable energy project, you need a specialist advisor by your side to guide you through your risk assessment and management, design an adequate insurance policy for your exact needs and handle any insurance claims, should an incident take place.

Are you already carrying out a project? Our experts can help with a review of your current insurance and risk management programme to ensure you are properly protected.

How We Can Help

Renewable energy projects are long-term investments.

Proper risk management and adequate insurance can guarantee the success of your business.  We can help you protect your investment and manage your insurance cover through the lense of a specialist.

Risk Management

Our specialists have worked with renewable energy projects and clients which means they can understand your exposures and advise on appropriate measures. Predicting any risks and safeguarding against them is a top priority when it comes to such a long-term (and expensive) investment as a wind farm, solar panel or hydro plant project.

Specialist Insurance Policies

Our brokers have access to specialist insurance programmes and can design a policy that covers all nuances of your project. Protect your income no matter what comes your way, from natural hazards to mechanical breakdowns and supply chain issues.

Claims Handling

In the case of an incident, your broker will offer support throughout the claims process and make sure you get what you are entitled to. Your dedicated broker will ensure optimal outcomes to put you back in operation as soon as possible, while keeping you up-to-date on all stages of the claims process.

What Your Cover Can Include

Our expert renewable energy brokers can offer policies including:

  • Public & Products Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Environmental Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance (both for installation & operation)
  • Cyber Risks Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Efficacy Insurance
  • Latent Defects Insurance
  • Trade Credit Insurance

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Meet The Expert

Joseph Betts

Joseph Betts

Renewable Energy Specialist