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Protecting Your Science and Technology Business:

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions Welcome to Konsileo, the leading chartered commercial insurance brokers specialising in providing comprehensive insurance solutions for science and technology businesses. We understand the unique risks and challenges faced by the industry and offer tailored insurance coverage to protect your valuable assets, intellectual property, and operations.

The Importance of Science and Technology

Science and technology play a vital role in our economy, with over £29.5 billion invested in the sector in 2021. It encompasses a wide range of fields, from digital health to IT support, driving innovation and technological advancements. In fact, investment in the sector accounted for a third of the total £89.5 billion flowing into the European tech ecosystem this year. With over 3 million people employed in the industry in 2020 and approximately 6,330 businesses in life sciences alone, science and technology continue to shape our future.

Adapting to the Post-COVID Workplace

The science and technology sector is best poised for the post-COVID workplace. With 21.6% of all IT jobs advertised as remote roles, the rising trend of the work-from-home model is prevalent. Tech-based businesses are globally connected, borderless, and operate beyond the constraints of a traditional 9-5 working day. However, this dynamic landscape and evolving legal environment expose businesses to new risks in unfamiliar territories, making the right insurance coverage essential.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Science and Technology Businesses

At Konsileo, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to the unique risks faced by science and technology businesses. Our range of insurance policies include:

  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Protects your business against the risks associated with data breaches, cyber-attacks, and privacy violations. Safeguarding your digital assets, customer information, and reputation.
  • Protection of Assets: Provides coverage for your physical assets, such as equipment, machinery, and infrastructure, against risks such as fire, theft, or damage.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Covers claims arising from errors, omissions, or professional negligence, ensuring you are protected against potential lawsuits and financial liabilities.
  • Misinterpretation and Liability: Addresses the risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, protecting your business from potential liabilities arising from AI errors or misinterpretation.
  • Clinical Trials Insurance: Offers specialised coverage for businesses involved in conducting clinical trials, providing protection against unforeseen risks and liabilities associated with the trials.

Specialist Cover for the Science and Technology Sector

The science and technology sector presents unique risks and requires specialist insurance coverage. Konsileo understands these specific needs and offers tailored solutions to address them effectively. Our expert brokers collaborate closely with you to assess your risks and provide insurance coverage that matches your business requirements.

Partner with Expert Brokers for Your Insurance Needs

When it comes to protecting your science and technology business, trust the expertise of Konsileo’s chartered commercial insurance brokers. We have extensive experience in the industry and a deep understanding of its risks and complexities. Our network of insurance providers allows us to secure competitive quotes while ensuring comprehensive coverage tailored to your business needs.

Simplify Insurance Management with Konsileo

Managing your insurance policies is made easy with Konsileo’s user-friendly online insurance platform and dashboard. Our technology-driven solutions provide you with convenient access to your policies, claims tracking, and insurance certificates. With Konsileo, you have a centralised hub for all your insurance needs, ensuring streamlined insurance management and peace of mind.

Science & Technology

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