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Is your retail business equipped to handle an unexpected disaster?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to mitigate potential risks at your retail business. Implement proper risk management techniques with help from our library of resources, including an industry-specific risk management series, a comprehensive Business Continuity Planning Toolkit and step-by-step checklists. 


Are your retail employees properly trained in workplace safety?

Safety isn’t the responsibility of a single employee or manager—everyone at your retail business needs to be on board if you want to experience the benefits of a safe workplace. Pair our safety training programme materials with the industry-specific safety manual and employee-facing documents to help prepare your workers. 


Do you have the right policies in place to protect your retail business?

We’re dedicated to the ongoing support of your business needs. It is crucial to implement a series of workplace policies that promote a safe, inclusive and successful work environment for your retail business. We can provide you with a variety of sample policy templates, customisable to fit your specific needs.  


Our available guidance handbooks – 

Retail Employee Safety Training

Educate your employees about potential risks and identify relevant safety policies and procedures that support a safe work environment with our industry-specific safety manual and training programme materials. Though the manual and training materials are comprehensive, you also have the opportunity to include your own health and safety content.  

Retail Risk Management Guidance

Mitigate and eliminate potential risks at your retail business with our wide variety of risk management resources. Our employer-facing Retail Risk Insights series offers the latest in industry-specific risks,

management tips and cover considerations, while our Business Continuity Planning Toolkit provides an in-depth guide to ensuring a successful business in spite of unexpected disaster. Not to mention, our detailed checklists help promote a safe and compliant workplace.  

Employee Communications

Make safety top of mind for your employees with our Safety Matters and Playing it Safe series, which

both cover a variety of industry-specific topics. Each article offers an in-depth overview of a safety topic that your employees may encounter and explains how you can avoid unnecessary risks. 





General Sample Policies

Use the provided sample policies to help your retail business create its own bespoke workplace policies.

 Each sample policy outlines what information must be included to help alleviate any guesswork.




If you’d like access to any of these resources, please contact one of our Client Directors today!

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