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Konsileo Structural Building Warranties

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Introduction to Structural Building Warranties and Latent Defect Insurance

Structural Building Warranties, also known as Latent Defect Insurance, are 10-year insurance policies designed for self-builders, property developers, contractors and others in the construction industry. They provide protection against structural defects within the first 10 years of the development being completed and obtaining building regulations sign off.

Why a Structural Building Warranty is Important for Homeowners and Mortgage Lenders

Looking for peace of mind or meeting mortgage lender requirements? Most UK mortgage lenders require that  Structural Building Warranties are in place before lending money to homeowners or refinancing an existing mortgage.

Konsileo: A Specialist Warranty Broker for Your Building Project

At Konsileo, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you obtain the most relevant Structural Warranty for your project. Our good relationships with leading warranty insurers allow us to provide you with fast and efficient solutions to securing the best Structural Warranty coverage available.

Site Insurance: Protecting Your Construction Site from Physical Damage

Don’t forget about Site Insurance – a crucial aspect of protecting your construction site against physical damage during the building phase. Our policies cover your entire build, from plot to completion, and ensure you’re protected against storm damage, theft, flood, arson, and more.

Contact Konsileo for a Personalised Solution to Your Building Warranty Needs

We take the hassle out of finding the right building warranty so you can focus on your build.

Contact Robert today for a personalised solution at 01223 606344 or 07811 340411, or email robert.smith@konsileo.com.

As a specialist structural warranty broker, I offer a range of coverage options including:

  • Self-Build projects,
  • New Builds,
  • Conversions
  • Renovation Projects,
  • Completed Properties,
  • Commercial Developments
  • Social/Affordable Housing and more.

Protect your construction business with Konsileo!

Robert Smith

Robert Smith