Securing a Safe Post-COVID Workplace

Many organisations have begun to call their employees back to the physical workplace after months of remote work. While it may be exciting for employers to have their workers return to a more traditional work environment, it’s important to be aware of potential security and safety issues that may arise. During the transition back to […]

Most COVID-19 Rules to End in England

On 19th July, England will formally emerge from lockdown as the final social restrictions are removed. Health Secretary Sajid Javid called the move to the fourth and final stage of the government’s roadmap for lifting lockdown restrictions a “major milestone.” Javid also cautioned there could be as many as 100,000 COVID-19 cases later this summer […]

Commercial Insurance Profile – January 2021

Understanding the Distribution Process of COVID-19 Vaccines Financial loss can often be forecasted and mitigated, but if a business experiences an unfortunate event that negatively affects its reputation, the effects can be devastating and even lead to closure. Last month, the UK became the first western nation to authorise a COVID-19 vaccine. Since then, the […]

Guidance for Sport and Gym facilities during COVID-19

It is the responsibility of any organisation or business reopening during the coronavirus pandemic to take certain precautions and implement safety measures in order to maximise the safety of employees, customers and other parties. This includes organisations operating sport and gym, or leisure facilities. These environments may require particularly stringent restrictions and policies. Management should […]

Managing Customers and Clients While Reopening

As the UK begins to ease lockdown measures and restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that businesses that intend to reopen take every possible precaution. With customers and clients returning to your store or business, it is necessary that you provide them with guidance regarding new practices and procedures implemented to ensure […]