Konsileo is a commercial insurance broker built around efficiency, professionalism, collaboration and client service; leading to happier brokers and happier clients.

By combining the importance of face-to-face advice with the latest in data and analytics, along with best in class technology to not only insure clients’ businesses but to anticipate and prevent future risks in the long-term, we can support the development and growth of our brokers whilst also delivering the best service for our clients.


Transparency – We don’t believe in hiding how much we make or how much our brokers make, We believe we offer value in the services we provide.

Collaboration – We believe that any organisation that encourages internal collaboration is more likely to succeed than one that is focused on competition and hierarchy to drive success.

Freedom – We trust all our employees to get the job done, well. This is what our company culture is founded on and what we expect. By giving our employees the freedom to manage their own time and workload, we are building a trust-based organisation based on adult-adult relationships.

Honesty – Our job is to protect our customers’ businesses properly, which means we have nothing we need or want to hide. With client satisfaction as one of our markers for success, our customers can expect a true business partner in our brokers.


As our values suggest, at Konsileo we are disrupting the traditional broking business model and trying to build a scalable and better way of broking.

We took a lot of inspiration from Frederic Laloux’s ‘Reinventing Organizations’, taking a look at how we want to run the business and how to create a positive culture throughout the company from the beginning, where brokers feel valued and empowered to do their best work.

We can highly recommend reading the book and embracing elements of the ‘Teal’ movement to move your organisation into the future!

Our Brokers

We have a national team of professional brokers with a range of specialisms. To find the one who’s right for your business, click here: