10 Predictions for the Future of Commercial Insurance Broking

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Insurance is changing – or it should be, nothing should stay the same for too long, here is what we think will happen with the future of commercial insurance broking to modernise the way brokers and insurers work together.

  1. Brokers will become less acquainted with copying and pasting
  2. Clients will have unrestricted access to their risk data and profile
  3. Clients will have a greater understanding of risk and higher expectations
  4. Brokers will be independent and collaborative
  5. Brokers will spend more time with clients, becoming a true risk advisor
  6. Social media will play a big role in lead generation
  7. Flexible working will become the norm
  8. Brokers will be more autonomous
  9. Brokers will have mentors, not bosses
  10. Risk data will be better organised and better utilised

Agree? Or have your own predictions? Comment below.

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