Retail Insurance

The retail and wholesale industry encompasses a diverse range of businesses that sell goods to consumers or other businesses. Wholesale businesses primarily sell to other businesses, whilst retail businesses cater to consumers and offer a wide range of goods. At Konsileo, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage for both retail and wholesale businesses, addressing their specific needs and protecting against potential risks.

Do I need Retail Insurance for my Shop?

If you are a proprietor or manage a retail shop of any kind you need a shop insurance package to protect you and your business against risks and liability. Whether you shop is electrical goods, hairdressers, food store or a newsagent to name a few, you need retail insurance.

In the retail and sector, having the right insurance coverage is crucial.

What Insurance covers are available for retail shops?

Common insurance policies within the retail sector include:

  • Buildings, Stock, and Contents Insurance: Protects your physical assets, including your premises, inventory, and fixtures, against risks such as fire, theft, and natural disasters.
  • Goods in Transit Insurance: Covers goods whilst they are being transported from one location to another, ensuring their safety and minimising financial losses.
  • Motor Fleet Insurance: Provides coverage for a fleet of vehicles used in your retail or wholesale operations, protecting against accidents, theft, or damage.


Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance: Safeguards your business against claims for injuries or property damage caused to third parties or employees during business operations.

Specialised Retail Insurance Coverage for Unique Risks

The retail sector also presents unique risks that require specialised insurance coverage. At Konsileo, we understand these challenges and offer tailored solutions, including:

  • Product Recall Insurance: Protects your business from financial losses associated with recalling products due to defects, contamination, or safety concerns.
  • Frozen or Chilled Stock Insurance: Covers the cost of replacing perishable goods in the event of spoilage or equipment failure.

Why Choose Konsileo for your Retail Insurance?

As independent brokers, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry expertise and commitment to providing bespoke insurance solutions. Our team of professionals understands the risks and challenges faced by businesses in the retail sector, offering comprehensive risk management solutions to ensure your retail business is protected.

We will protect your business, properly.

Retail Insurance

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