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Online shopping is big business with the likes of Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and eBay offering many businesses an online ecommerce site as an extension to their current high street retail shops. However, many online retailers do not have a shop premises and work from home but, like any business, things can still go wrong, making Online Retail Insurance a critical cover to protect you and your business if you trade online.

Every online retail business is different, not only by the product you sell, but also if your market is UK only, UK and Europe, or worldwide.

You could be a high street shop incorporating online sales, a totally virtual ecommerce retailer or maybe both, whichever you have, you need online retailer Insurance.

What Insurance do I need for my Online Retailer Business?

As previously mentioned, a lot depends on the product you sell, where you sell and how you obtain the goods you sell. Whether you manufacture your product, source your product, or have a drop-shipping arrangement, it’s best to talk with our specialist team to ensure all your liabilities and risks are covered.  In addition, many ecommerce platform suppliers have specific insurance requirements before granting you access to use their systems. Typical covers may include (but not limited to);

Additional covers can be applied subject to your business activities.

Why Choose Konsileo for your Online Sellers Insurance?

As independent brokers, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry expertise and commitment to providing bespoke insurance solutions. Our team of professionals understands the risks and challenges faced by businesses who have online retail portals, we offer comprehensive risk management solutions to ensure your online retail business is protected.

Protect your business, properly.


Online Retailer Insurance

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