Technology Insurance

At Konsileo we offer a range of Technology Insurance products in support of businesses within the technology sector.

We understand and work alongside technology companies, supporting them to address the costs associated with delays, mistakes, oversights, and miscommunication, as well as the other traditional and emerging risks that technology companies face in this constantly changing sector. 

Konsileo Technology Insurance Solutions

Our team of specialist technology brokers understand the diversity of the businesses working within a technology field. This is why we ensure that your cover protects you for a whole range of losses, from financial loss to bodily injury or property damage, that may arise from providing such wide-ranging products and services.

Technology Businesses We Cover

Our technology insurance specialists are able to advise and assist with technology businesses in the following areas (but not limited to);

  • General Business Technology & Telecommunications
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Service and Security Providers
  • Emerging Risks

Insurance for Technology Businesses

At Konsileo, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to the unique risks faced by technology businesses. Our range of insurance policies include:

  • Breach of contract
    Almost every company in the tech space will have written contractual agreements with their clients. We have access to policies that provide cover for legal liability arising from breach of client contracts.
  • Cyber cover
    We can ensure that you are adequately protected against a cyber event that may include network security & privacy liability, forensic investigation, breach notification, system damage, business interruption and more. Our Insurers offer their support by working with response teams around the world to provide real-time threat intelligence, expert advice, specialist Legal and PR companies.
  • Crime
    As technology evolves so does the methods used by criminals which could be committed by your employees, social engineering scams, invoice fraud, ransomware, and targeted extortion.
  • Intellectual property rights infringement
    The technology industry is an area of fast growth and innovation which means IP infringement is an incredibly common risk. We can source the protection needed against a whole host of IP infringement allegations including specialist products to include copyright and trademark infringement / pursuit costs.
  • Management liability
    Many Tech companies have investors, other interested parties and statutory obligations. We can help protect your directors and their assets in the event of litigation directly against them.
  • Commercial Combined Risks                                       From Public and Employers Liability to protecting your physical and digital assets we work with specialists that can support your individual needs.


Konsileo Technology Value Offering

Konsileo take pride in our technology team who have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas;

  • Specialist knowledge of the sectors risks
  • Risk Transfer Road Mapping Supporting Startup and Scaleup Journeys
  • Global expertise in your overseas Insurance needs & requirements
  • Risk Transfer Guidance and Solutions for:
    • M&A’s and IPO’s
    • Industry Specific Statutory Requirements
    • Jurisdictional Statutory Requirements
    • Contractual Insurance Requirements
    • Outsourced Service Providers
  • Regular Contact and Strategy Reviews Throughout the Year
  • Proactive Collaboration and Holistic Risk Management
  • Tailormade solutions to protect your individual needs.

Further information can be found on The National Cyber Security Centre.

Technology Insurance

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