Property Insurance

Property Insurance encompasses many varied invested assets, from residential dwellings to commercial property, unoccupied property holiday lets and land.

Should you own any of the above, it is advisable to ensure adequate and appropriate insurance covers are in place. In the event of a mortgage being held on your property, it is more than likely a condition of your mortgage to ensure insurance is held on your property.

Property ownership is probably one of the expensive assets you would purchase and therefore appropriate insurance is critical to protect your investment, properly.

Business Property Insurance?

Should you have a commercial business property or commercial unoccupied property, it should be noted that certain types of commercial properties require specialised coverage to address their unique needs. For example, businesses such as beauty salons or dance schools that conduct appointments on their premises may require additional coverage, (Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance for example).

Landlords’ Insurance is also a critical cover should you own either a singular property or multiple properties. Not only does it protect the property itself, but additional covers can also help protect contents, accidental damage and even loss of rent.

In the event of a serious loss or damage to property, (fire, flood or collapse for example), rebuild costs should be taken into consideration. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) offer guidance on their website with regard to Rebuild Costs – Click Here.

Even vacant land carries risk, so you should consider taking out Land Insurance. Public liability cover is also available, and covers for individuals who raise a claim against you after crossing your land and are subject to an unfortunate accident or harm. Trespass could also be an issue where an individual suffers an accident or harm.

Our specialist property brokers work closely with you to understand the nature of your business and tailor insurance solutions that provide comprehensive protection for your specific requirements.

Why choose Konsileo for your Property Insurance?

At Konsileo, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the property sector. Our team of chartered commercial insurance brokers possesses in-depth knowledge of the industry and works closely with you to identify and assess potential risks.

We leverage our relationships with leading insurance providers to secure competitive quotes while ensuring comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific needs.

We will protect your business, properly.

Property Insurance

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