Adam Beaumont

Adam Beaumont

Client Director

After spending 15 years in retail and distribution, I realised the quality of my knowledge and the skills I refined were transferrable to the insurance sector. I specialise in Fleet, Haulage, Retail, and Property as I have worked in and with these sectors my whole life and they give me an opportunity to combine my passions both in and outside of work. I pride myself on my ability to listen to clients’ needs so I can promptly deliver tailored advice for their unique situation. I love hearing about their business and figuring out the most efficient solution for them to achieve their short- and long-term goals. My experience in customer-facing roles has provided me with the ability to ask the right questions so I can figure out exactly what my client needs alongside building long-lasting relationships to create a successful partnership.  


I was drawn to Konsileo because I have the ability to learn and build a new career for myself, as the Teal culture gives me the flexibility and freedom to be the best broker I can be. The ability to integrate my work and home lives means I can work at both parts of my life to create success and happiness in both areas simultaneously.  


In my spare time I love to watch and help my two children, getting them outside and teaching them about the world. I am a Charlton Athletic supporter and take my boy whenever possible. I also listen to a variety of music, watch sports, game, and binge watch TV when I get some downtime! 

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