Ben Amos

Ben Amos

Cert CII Client Director

As a client director, my role revolves around developing new client relationships, handling claims and helping out existing clients with any queries or concerns that they might have. Accountability and efficiency are incredibly important to me, so when something goes wrong I will always be on hand to help. Due to my countryside location, I tend to specialise in rural businesses who value a service-led approach. Regardless of sector, attention to detail is an absolute priority; doing it right in the first place means that things are less likely to go wrong and ultimately protects the client to a greater extent. The best part of being broker is maintaining working relationships year on year.

I joined Konsileo because of its culture and the freedom it provides; I have complete control over my own time and insurer management. The diversity of the Konsileo community is amazing and I get to meet new people from across the whole of the UK. Working from home also gives me the opportunity to be more flexible with my time to support my family, as well as looking after my own wellbeing.

Outside of work, I enjoy running, golfing, playing football, and yoga. I also have dogs, which naturally take up a lot of my attention!

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