Birinder Singh Bedi

Birinder Singh Bedi

Cert CII Client Director

As a Commercial Insurance Broker, I ensure I have a clear understanding of the risk exposures for my clients; armed with extensive knowledge of the construction and engineering sectors, I understand the intricacies involved in managing risks specific to these industries. From contractors and builders to architects and engineers, I have navigated the complexities of insurance coverage in order to safeguard projects, mitigate liability, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Moreover, I have successfully partnered with businesses from a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, technology, and beyond. Understanding the diverse challenges faced by business owners, I have collaborated with them to design comprehensive insurance programs that align with their unique operations, protect their assets, and allow them to focus on what they do best—running and growing their businesses. 


The Teal structure of Konsileo allows for a great work/life balance. As a true believer in equality in all aspects of life, seeing a business that operates in such a self-managed and trusting way really resonates with me. 


In my spare time, I love going on nature walks and spending quality time with my wife and two daughters. I also love to produce music, go to the gym, and catch-up with friends (normally at the pub!). 

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