Bryan Daniels

Bryan Daniels

Client Director ACII

With around 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, including co-running my own insurance brokers for 18 years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and forged many long-term relationships with both clients and insurers along the way. You never stop learning though and I still derive much pleasure discovering about different client processes, as well as from meeting new people. The ultimate goal for me is ensuring my clients are properly protected, putting their needs before anything else and giving them peace of mind that, when required, I will be there for them, not least with claims, which they do not need to face alone.


In a world where there are now so many other factors influencing insurance brokers as to where they choose to place a client’s business and how the clients are permitted to be looked after, the unique self-management facilities provided by Konsileo, which allow me to singularly make those choices, is paramount and was a major factor in my decision to join them.


Outside of work, my main priority lies with my family, and it is with some pride that my two daughters have inherited my passion for live music, with the sheer pleasure that can bring, be it in large stadiums or smaller, more intimate venues.

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