Craig Etherington

Craig Etherington

Client Director Cert CII

As a Client Director, my role is more than simply providing a product; it revolves around nourishing a relationship that is built on advice, collaboration, and consultation. I strive to find the perfect combination of protection and risk acceptance that suits each individual client and I ensure they are informed and empowered by the protection their business has. I have my client’s back, and I value the faith they show in me and my abilities to protect their business. My career started in Pub Management before I moved to banking and then sales, all of which have given me great customer service skills. The regulated environment of banking refined my eye for detail, a skill necessary to remain compliant and working in sales showed me the value of hard work and the satisfaction of meeting a client’s needs. All my previous experience has been foundational in turning me into the broker I am today. 

Konsileo’s environment and culture of empowering individual brokers encourages me to continue developing as a broker. The technology and support enable me to provide the absolute best service for each client.  

When I am not working, I love spending time with my family and watching my son grow. Music is an integral part of my life and so I love going to gigs and performing.  

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