Dean Cornish

Dean Cornish

Client Director Cert CII

My role as Client Director means working with clients and looking after both them and their business, all whilst saving them money without sacrificing service. I prioritise building honest, happy relationships with all my clients as this ultimately gives me the tools to properly protect their business and its individual needs. I specialise primarily in motor fleet, however have recently branched out into trades, such as construction. Honesty is imperative and, by entrusting me, I have the ability and freedom to find all possible solutions and provide the best risk management advice as a result. My previous roles include working within a marketing team, which gave me the knowledge and confidence to speak about insurance. I have also worked bringing in new business which exposed me to a wide range of companies and taught me the importance of continuous learning and growth.  


Joining Konsileo means I have more time, freedom, and transparency when dealing with clients, which develops a better, more professional relationship. The company trusts me to do my job correctly, giving me time to learn new skills whilst simultaneously managing my own book, which keeps me incredibly motivated.  


When I’m not working, I love playing and watching football, as well as travelling, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. 

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