Duncan Bennett

Duncan Bennett

Client Director

With experience in running my own business, alongside having nearly 20 years within the industry, I have a solid grounding in all things insurance. I enjoy helping people and have a thirst for knowledge; I find myself constantly learning from other businesses, and enjoy the challenge of finding the best solution for every client. My strengths lie in business development, and due to my previous roles I am able to level with every individual regardless of sector. My own brokerage gave me invaluable insight into the trappings and pitfalls of running a business, and as a result I am able to truly understand and appreciate client’s needs and worries.

I was drawn to Konsileo due to the freedom it offered me as a broker. The support network available means that not only am I able to say yes to more opportunities, but allows me to build on my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses. The ability to self-manage is incredibly important to me and my wellbeing; this increased wellbeing means that I am able to work at my full potential.

When I’m not broking, I engage in a range of physical activities including mountain running, cricket, and going to the gym. I am also a dad to four kids and a dog and looking after them is my priority.

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