James Quaye

James Quaye

Client Director

I have worked in insurance for over 7 years with a wide variety of clients, however my background in construction means I have a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the sector. My knowledge of technical jargon allows me to communicate easily with new and existing clients in order to fully understand their needs. I can then achieve the most important aspect of being a broker, which is making sure that everything is perfect for the client and that they come away feeling satisfied. My chatty and honest nature allows me to build strong and long-lasting client relationships.

I joined Konsileo in March 2021, and can’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Previous jobs gave me the skills necessary to make the move to Konsileo easy, and since joining I have been able to focus on the client-facing aspects of the job, which is the part that I value the most.

Outside of broking, I’m renovating my house and looking after my children.

Blog posts I've written: