John Cuthbert

John Cuthbert

Cert CII Client Director

As a client director, I liaise with insurers to make sure my clients get the cover they need. Over the last 10 years doing commercial insurance, I have been exposed to just about everything; from multi-continent businesses to the corner shop. I welcome any and all business, particularly local ones. Prior to joining insurance I held a management position at a pub as well as working in sales for 7 years. Because of this, I understand the importance of being knowledgeable whilst simultaneously accepting that I don’t know everything. This allows me to be truly transparent and honest with my client, and enables me to protect their businesses properly. By having this groundwork, I hope to gain the trust of my client and be able to build a strong working relationship with them.

By removing the standard hierarchical structure, Konsileo’s culture places the challenge and onus on the individuals – people own the work they do and proudly. We are rewarded for the hard work we do put in, irrespective of role or ‘position’. The lack of managers allows me to prioritise my own book of business and I am trusted to carry out the work that is required.

Outside of work I make sure to keep some time for fun; I enjoy tennis, running, going to the gym, dog walking, and restoring old houses.

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