Kim Appleby-Jones

Kim Appleby-Jones

Client Director

I have over 40 years of experience working in the insurance industry. My previous role involved a wide-range of tasks which helped me evolve my organisational skills and having a keen eye for detail. Whilst client-facing aspects of the role are relatively new for me, being able to refine skills from previous jobs means I am able to fully support and advise clients all the way through the service. My expertise lies with the leisure and entertainment industries, as well as providing advice and support for independent schools. The industries themselves are wide-ranging and interesting, so working with them is increadibly exciting

After joining Konsileo in September 2018, I have only grown as a broker. Valuable time is now spent interacting with clients and making them know that they are important. In addition, the support of the Konsileo community means that I am able to provide top quality advice to each and every client.

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, walking, travelling – especially to Japan or America – and more creative activities such as cross-stitching and embroidering.

Blog posts I've written: