Kristina Frost

Kristina Frost

Client Director

My role as client director revolves around being an exec, and I am looking forward to meeting new clients and building my book. Having thrown myself in at the deep end, I have gained some incredible experiences and knowledge throughout my career, including being involved in the running of small businesses. My clients include manufacturers, wholesale, construction, tadesmen, and fleet, so as a result I am very adaptable to whatever risk needs placing. Being flexible, reliable, and available are my top priorities, which all enable me to deliver the highest standard of customer service to my clients. My aim is to support the local business community, and help build great relationships with those in my local area. 


Konsileo is the complete opposite to what I have previously dealt with; the immediate trust in everyone straight away, and the ultimate flexibility is so refreshing. The reward system in place allows me to be in control of my own earnings, which gives me control over what I earn, and the knowledge that hard work does indeed pay off.


Outside of broking, I love going on shopping trips with my daughter, enjoying quality time with friends, and cooking!

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