Kyler Sohal

Kyler Sohal

Client Director

As a client director, I have the opportunity to help people by ensuring they have the right insurance cover in place, whilst advising and guiding them through the process. I specialise in property owners, mini fleet, and shop packages. Transparency is key, and alongside my attention to detail, I am able to provide my clients with the best service possible. In my previous role, I was involved in a lot of rebroking and re-negotiating which has given me exceptional communication skills and knowledge of current markets and the products available. In addition, my past managerial roles have given me great organisational skills, as well as teaching me the importance of efficiency whilst working under time pressure.

After moving to Canada, I no longer wanted to go back into the same corporate roles, which is why I joined Konsileo. The lack of hierarchy is so refreshing, and I know I am supported in making my own career within the company. Being able to do my own thing whilst knowing I have a safety net around me has only cultivated my ambition as a broker.

Outside of brokering, I am a part-time DJ for events. Other than that, I am usually spending time with my family and travelling, and enjoy learning about the history of all the places we go to.

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